Saturday Night Live: Boston Teens 


Ladies and gentlemen… Put your hands together!



What to drink? No Coke. Pepsi…

It’s National Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Day again! 


[insert Chris Pratt reaction GIF here]


I found this while looking through old videos I have saved. Look at how young Jimmy is! >w<



Holy Mother of Mouse Rat — Chris Pratt is hosting the season premiere of nbcsnl on September 27!

Obligatory Chris Pratt reaction.

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"In my fantasy world, Gilda and I would have been best friends. In my fantasy world, Eddie Murphy would’ve been like, “I don’t really think white women are funny, but you’re really great.” I wish that I had met Phil Hartman. I think about that sometimes. He’s someone I would’ve really liked to have met and worked with, and, sadly, I didn’t get that chance. But certainly Gilda. They were such comedy giants for me; I can’t really imagine sharing the same air as them. It’s interesting: Whenever you parachute into SNL, the time that you parachute in, it has to work. I was extremely lucky to come at a time when women were dominating, when my friends were working there, and where I felt like I had some chops having worked at UCB…
A lot of the ways that the women of SNL keep in contact is that we have a text chain where we send pictures of our kids, and it was really cool to have Maya, Tina, Ana, Rachel, Molly, and me and everyone’s kids there. It just felt like the circle of life."
—Amy Poehler, from the updated version of “Live From New York”. (via elizabethtinafeys)


STARTING NOW: The Best of Amy Poehler on our Saturday Night Live marathon!

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