make me choose: Bill or Fleur?

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"Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve."

Get To Know Me Meme - Favorite Female Characters [1/5]

↳ Juliet Burke (LOST)

It doesn’t matter who we were, it only matters who we are.

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somebody should really make a list of the sickest burns joan has served up throughout mad men


Favorite Jurassic Park Characters: 1/5

"I didn’t have enough respect for that power and it’s out now! All that matters now is the people we love."


An endless list of fictional or historical “characters” I can’t help but adore → Morticia Addams ( The Addams family)


My Top 10 Female Characters on Television - 

    8/10 : Lieutenant Abbie Mills - Sleepy Hollow

    “You have one choice right now: that is to tell me something, anything, that will help me find her, or so help me, I will rain legal brimstone down on you so hard it will make God jealous. ”

"Please do not ask me if I’m okay, because I’m sick to death of everyone asking me that.”

"I.F.T" - Or Why Skyler White Wins This Round


Skyler White has had more to bear than most. Among being a victim of Walt’s more aggressive tactics, she’s also the first to meet with backlash from audiences any time she takes Walt’s conduct and gives it back.

But this isn’t about Skyler’s fan treatment, a topic that’s already been covered throughly and much better than I could. Instead I wanted to write about how she reciprocates Walt’s treatment, specifically at the end of 3x03 when we heard the iconic:


A line so simple yet potent that they named the episode after it, there’s no question that this stands out as one of Skyler’s most memorable scenes. Skyler and the Ted in question had been dancing around each other since season 2 and it was clear what it would come to. But this line is about SO much more than her affair with Ted himself (I mean come on, Ted Beneke? This character is about as gripping as Jesse Pinkman’s wardrobe). It’s about how all episode long Walt had been manipulating her by catching her in social situations and backing her into a corner. This line is about her using Walt’s own tactics against him to get out of that corner, and leave him lying in the ring. 

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it only matters who we are // intro post  [ juliet things 1/?

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